The trailer seems to levitate at night because of the neonlights underneath.

Inside the walls are covered with rescueblankets, its foldings refer to gold bars in the safe of a bank. The inside of the trailer is visible by climbing the stairs and by gazing through a small hole. Only than the neon safe is seen with the ‘f’ changing in a ‘v’ every now and then to form the word save.


For this exposition I dealt with the theme of protection and its impossibility, a reference to the boat-refugees.

Exposition ‘Plantjes en Bloemetjes’

Einrichtung einer temporären Holländischen Enclave in Hannover

20.8. – 4.9.2011


ART IG, kik, kunst im kontakt

Am Grossen Garten 5a

30419 Hannover



Peter Bremer; Helmut Dick; Anna Grunemann; Yvonne Halfens; Helmut Hennig;

Nico Huijbregts; Christiane Opperman, Nora van Dam; Vincent van Delft;

Tineke van Veen; Frouke Wiarda