Proteger&Reflejar   2013
performance with rescue blankets
Cuzco, PE

Opening on International Women’s Day, 8-3-2013 Cusco, Peru. In this exhibition 12 international women-artists showed their artwork in relation to the place of women in society today.

The position of women improves when their financial and educational position is ensured. This was the starting point of the artistic research in Cusco. It resulted in 3 art-projects during the residency in Cusco: the performance ‘Proteger&Reflejar’ during the opening of the exhibition; the installation ‘Imagine’ and a series of photographs titled ‘Mujeres#2’.

The performance of the participating artists, dressed in rescue-blankets, on the square with the holy water source was part of the opening of the exhibition. The rescue-blankets are used as a metaphor, referring to their vulnerable situation and at the same time showing their valuable position.

‘Proteger&Reflejar, performance   (figuren in reddingsdekens op binnenplaats)
Cuzco, Peru 2013