The black-mirrored house, high in the sky, reflects its surroundings in daytime and disappears in the dark at night. In the darkness only the in blue neon word imagine is seen.


Exposition ‘Plantjes en Bloemetjes’

Einrichtung einer temporären Holländischen Enclave in Hannover

20.8. – 4.9.2011


ART IG, kik, kunst im kontakt

Am Grossen Garten 5a

30419 Hannover



Peter Bremer; Helmut Dick; Anna Grunemann; Yvonne Halfens; Helmut Hennig;

Nico Huijbregts; Christiane Opperman, Nora van Dam; Vincent van Delft;

Tineke van Veen; Frouke Wiarda



For this exposition I dealt with the theme of protection and its impossibility, a reference to the boat-refugees.