The filminstallation aware/哀れ was shown from the 2th till the 24th of August 2014: ’ Playing in the Forest’ in Tabito town, Iwaki city, and from the 11th till the 19th of October 2014 The Fukushima Biennale with the theme of ‘YAMA’ (Yama has different meanings like ‘Mountain, pile, spirit, forest’) and took place around Fukushima town: Aizu, Yugawamura en Kitakata.
The film-installation elaborates on the cleaning of the landscape, people who clean the landscape and the landscape itself. Landscape conceived as a space, both natural and cultivated, dynamic and cultural, an environment in which we “stay”, move, develop and exist, where social- and power relations play an important role. Landscape as a reflection, as a form of exchange and identification. How do we relate to this traumatized landscape? The evacuees are not only confronted with loss of their native soil, there is also the problem of no return because of nuclear radiation. These effects are much more severe, if not unsolvable. Both areas, hit by the tsunami and the devastated Daiichi power plant, has to be cleaned. The interviews deal with the persons who clean these areas, voluntary or paid, his motivation and his traumatic relationship with the affected and ruined landscape. The Japanese cultivated landscape has a centuries-old tradition and a special relationship with its residents. Old Japanese gardens are slowly overgrown by new nature. Meanwhile residents will be given permission to return to the ‘clean’ landscape.




Award winner: Special Recognition at Uranium Film Festival.